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Precious Tools for Personal Growth

 Always aim high!

 If you aim for something rationally attainable you will always be an ordinary person!  To become #extraordinary you have to #aim #high.  If you aim

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Pill of the Day

People don’t care how much you know BUT they want to know IF and HOW MUCH you actually care about them. Whatever your calling and

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Knowledge & Recognition

When I listen to or meet people I always ask myself the same question: “What have they taught me”? In other words, what contribution do

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Pill of the day

Your career is what you get paid for BUT your calling is what you were created for! Don’t settle for just pursuing a career; instead,

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Pill 💊 of the day!

Without a clear vision for the purpose of our life it is impossible to prioritize today’s events.  Like a puzzle not knowing the final picture

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 I consider myself an intelligent man but not necessarily a genius.  However, I do know that there are genes with higher IQ.  But even an

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