Knowledge & Recognition

When I listen to or meet people I always ask myself the same question: “What have they taught me”?

In other words, what contribution do I receive in my relationship with others?

In exchanging roles, I ask myself if my person has something to offer in terms of knowledge and real actions.

Am I recognized for the knowledge I have shared or for teaching misleading shortcuts and flawed principles?

Will I be recognized for adding value to others or for TAKING others down?

“Those who know us recognize us every time they encounter our teaching, positive or negative, in the events of their lives!”

Today I want to live expecting #gratitude for the #knowledge I share and not for the FAVORS I bestow.

Favors help in the short term but knowledge reveals the #truth of things.

The truth is not an ideal but the #personification of an ideal, which is why the great Jesus said:

“YOU WILL KNOW the truth and the truth will set you free.”

Let us then expect to be recognized for our knowledge and for the truths that we embody with conviction and not by tradition.


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