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OneHope literature has been distributed in millions of copies in the Italian public schools!

The events of the life of Jesus are recorded in chronological order and are characterized by studying questions that direct the reader back to the Word. 

Also in the magazine there are sections dealing with several different issues that young people today are facing: self-esteem, love, sex, friendship, future, etc.

For this reason the name of the book was changed to LA MIA STORIA (My story) with many testimonies of young people changed by the WORD OF GOD!

All this leads the young to the part of the magazine that presents the plan of salvation, so that young people understand the way on how to accept Jesus as their personal Savior.


Where the OneHope literature can be distributed: 

The primary goal is to distribute the BOH in middle and high public schools throughout Italy. This is accomplished through a presentation in either school assemblies or the individual classrooms. You may wonder about the possibilities of entering into the local schools, and at we have attained letters of endorsement for the Book from key Parliamentarians, Mayors and Education officials.

Moreover, the Books can be distributed during youths events (as concerts, retreats, conferences) and during evangelistic crusades.

Recently we have just produced and printed the newest book called Hope Revolution, the most effective tool to approach and challenge this new generation of young people that seem to have lost hope for the future.

How do I get involved? If you are interested in partnering with us to reach the youth of your city, please, contact us and we will provide you the address of the closest warehouse in your city, so that you can free draw your copies. We will send you also all the documents you will need for your presentation in the schools. Please, write to

Also Italy for Christ has produced and developed the Bible APP for Kids in the Italian language. We have seen tens of thousands of downloads and also printed over 1 Million copies distributed nationwide since 2016 to recent days .

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Where Leadership and Evangelism Meet

After completing the training of over 5.000 leaders in Italy, Serbia and Malta, for which Guy was recognized as the best European trainer in 2008, Italy for Christ embraced the great challenge of developing John Maxwell’s vision of Salt & Light.

There’s a segment of society who will never come to church, regardless of the quality of the church. How will these people ever be reached?

It’s our mission to equip and mobilize believers to get out of the four walls of the church and take our faith into the real world. 

Like salt enhances flavor, believers equipped to enhance the lives of those in their stream of influence earn the right to shine the light of God’s goodness. 

At its core, the program is an outreach from believers to those within their circles of influence, often within the business community. Italy for Christ has developed a National Team to train local influencers to conduct Beyond Success round-tables with other leaders and acquaintances.

Beyond Success tables offer a highly accessible pathway to personal improvement as well as an opportunity to hear John C. Maxwell share his faith. We have seen the effectiveness of this strategy throughout the world. People’s lives are improving as they apply the personal growth and leadership development principles and many thousands have come to Christ.

Our goal is to partner with church and business leaders in Italy who will mentor other leaders. If you are interested in registering for the leadership training days, you can contact

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Global Church Network

Italy for Christ has created the Rome Hub for the Global Church Network. This partnership has been motivational in increasing church planting movement throughout Italy.

Guy and GCN founder James David in Rome

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