Happy 2024

At the beginning of a new year, we wish for good things, health, and success.

But are we sure that the tsunami of negative events won’t affect us too?

I don’t think so!

There will be moments where negative surprises will disrupt our plans – people and friends will betray our trust and expectations – our physical bodies might take a hit alongside, however, of beautiful and carefree moments.

We need to think and accept that not everything will go smoothly!

So, what wish should we give on the first day of this new year 2024?

Here’s my suggestion:

I wish you the #tenacity to overcome ALL the challenges you will face, the #determination to not abandon your dreams, and the #discipline  to live with integrity one day at a time, step by step, because life becomes beautiful when we realize that at the end of our battle, we are about to win!

Let’s approach this new year with #tenacity, #determination, and #discipline.


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