The word for today is #discovery!

In leadership to have the mentality of an apprentice, a learner, is essential. The apprentice knows he does not know everything, he learns more and more always aware of the fact that he has so many more things to learn! 

What is most discouraging,  is having to deal with people who have stopped discovering because they think they have already found everything in life and, therefore, are in a state of stagnation  and not in a dynamic position, which is essential in the life of a leader. 

The famous quote by Socrates: I know one thing, that I do not know, is an important starting point.

I say starting point because the words of Socrates could be misinterpreted as a basis of relativity, where there are no fixed points and absolutes. 

Jesus said to the contrary that knowing and discovering the truth will make us  free. 

Free to build new discoveries on some fixed points. 

The definition of a  disciple is the one who builds on the experience of things learned. Many disciples or pseudo-disciples,  often show dogmatic and absolute pride on the few things they have discovered thus falling into a stagnation that does not meet the needs of a changing humanity! 

Discovery is a strong word that should characterize our daily lives. Take on the day today with the expectation of discovering new things that can make your leadership more effective in adding value to others! 

After all, our God is by definition infinite in His person and in His actions and it would be childish for us to compress Him into a finite and limited human reality. The Bible says that ours is the God of the impossible and it is up to us to find out why and how.

Let’s  learn together, discover together how to fulfill our unique calling in life that we have been given by our infinite God! 


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